Thursday, January 2, 2014

Rose Garden Take 3

In an effort to finish my work in progress I am back to the beautiful but pain in the neck Rose Garden Shawl.
I fell in love with the shawl when I first saw it in the Summer 2012, Jane Austen Knits magazine. I loved it so much that I even bought the same exact yarn in the same color as the one made for the magazine. But even with all that love, this pattern has brought me nothing but heartache. It is almost as if the knitting gods did not want me to complete this project.

 Think I am exaggerating? Well, lets see:
  •  First the yarn was so tangled that I tried to untangle it for a month, gave up and threw it in a box.
  • One of my knitting friends took pity on me and took on the task to untangle said yarn. Which now means I can make the project.
  • Nope, I started working on another big project and put it aside and I forgot about it.
  • Finally I started it. It was going great I finished the first repeat and I found three major mistakes early in the project. I was so frustrated I decided to put it aside. 
  • I finally decided to pick it up a second time and I did the same exact thing I did above! I mean the SAME EXACT MISTAKES ON THE SAME SPOTS!!
  • Now I am back to my third try and so far so good. No mistakes, no emotional breakdowns, no tangle yarn. Just a shawl that is knitting up nicely.

Hopefully the saying "Third times the charm" will hold true for me and I will be able to finish the shawl this time around. 

Until next time, Happy knitting!!
~Knitting Chica

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