Sunday, July 27, 2014

Time sure does fly

I have been very negligent when it comes to my little home here at Knitting Chica. I have so many dreams and wishes as to what I want this place to be, to become, but life is funny. It takes you down many twists and curves.

Rest assured that even though this place has been quiet, I have been working on the background. Working on ways to make my dreams a reality. Learning from the Universe and applying them to my life.

I have been so singular in my views on how I want things to be that I have strayed from here. When in fact I should have kept interacting, how else am I supposed to foster the community that I envision if I stay holed up in my little corner not sharing anything?

So here I am today, letting go, and continuing my trip down this road, but this time I am sharing it with all of you.

First up, my last post was about the Rose Garden Shawl, I am said to say that I gave up on the pattern. There are just some projects that are not meant to be. I loved the idea of this project, but my brain did not like it. Such simple stitches, but I think it was the simplicity of the stitches that kept my brain traveling to Never, Never Land whenever I worked on it.

I did pick back up the Leftie Shawl:

I am further along than what is shown in the photo above. The colors are just wonderful and as always MissBabs yarn's are just a dream to work with.

I never shared her on the blog, but I am a mommy to a Ewe who I named Lucy. Since becoming her mommy, she has gone and become a mommy herself.  She had twins, a Ram who I named Bam Bam and a sweet Ewe who I named Pebbles. Lucy is a wonderful mom and the babies are adorable.

Speaking of sheep, I have a collection of soft, wonderful sport weight yarn that I will be dying. I had to put a temporary hold on dying yarn because of our epic move. But now that we are all settled I can begin production. I am in the process of looking for a new farm to source my yarn from. I really would like a place that is local to the MD/DC/VA area.

Finally, here is a project completed with one of my hand dyed yarns. I do not know the name of the project she made, but the yarn is 440 yards of Finger weight Superwash Merino in the colorway "Sun Goddess".  It totally screams summer and beach fun.

There is so much more in the works, a new website, new online shop, new projects and tons of yarn. So hang in there things are about to get a lot more fun around here.

Until next time, Happy Knitting!

~Knitting Chica

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