Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The End is Near

Another year is coming to an end and I have completely failed at sticking to my plans. Maybe I am just not meant to set goals. Maybe I need to just go where the wind takes me. Who knows, all I know is that I did not complete all the projects I set myself for this year and I sure as heck did not stick to the no buying yarn thing.

Shameful really. I have managed to only complete nine projects this year. Out of those nine finished projects only three where from my project list that I posted about here and here. I have three projects that are work in progress, one of those is a long term project as it is a patchwork blanket made from left over yarn. Here is the link for the pattern page for the blanket, it is perfect for all the left over yarn and you do not want to do the Beekeeper's Quilt

Now, I must say that even if I did not make my Knitting goals, I did complete project plan # 3. This project consisted of me finally finishing, putting together and learning how to use my Ashford Kiwi 2. While I will not call myself a master at using my wheel. I am proud to say that after getting a 2 hour crash course on how to spin on a wheel, I am well on my way to becoming a spinner.

Another goal that I accomplished was to dye yarn. I did a bit of it this year and all the yarns I dyed were a success. I failed to photograph most of the yarn that I dyed, but I am so much more confident in my dying skills and cannot wait to get better.

I do not think I am going to set myself project goals for 2014. I think I am going to work on getting better at my craft and getting better at documenting my journey. In order to do that I have armed myself with tools to help me because it is not just about needles and yarn.

Tools for a better Fiber Artist and Blogger
Shown above Simplified Planner for planning projects and posts, my personalized May Designs Notebook for notes, My Olympus to take photos and of course my trusty Mac Book.

So here is to a more productive 2014!

Until next time, Happy Knitting!

~Knitting Chica


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