Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 Project Plans - Part One

With today being New Years Eve I thought this would be the perfect time to plan my projects for the New Year. My goal for this year is to only make things using my current stash and I will only add to my stash two times this year on the month of January because it is my Birthday month and November because of the Black Friday Sales. Hopefully putting this down on "paper" will keep me on track with my goals.


January:  You can Call Me Al socks that I never finished this year. I started this pattern a few times but I kept getting distracted. 
You can Call Me Al*
 February: Mary Margaret's Lace Tam and Lucy Hat. I am a huge fan of Once Upon a Time and loved Mary Margaret's hat in the show so I was really happy to find a pattern on Ravelry. I will also be making another Lucy Hat. I made one for my step-mom for Christmas and loved how it turned out.

Mary Margaret's Lace Tam*
Lucy Hat*
March: Peony Cardigan, this pattern was my Kryptonite of 2012. No matter how many times I would start it over I would mess it up or get stuck somewhere in the pattern. I finally wrote the whole pattern out line by line but by the time I was done doing that I did not even want to look at the pattern. Well, I will be completing it this year and hopefully will be able to wear it a few times before summer.
Peony Cardigan*
April: Rose Garden Shawl, I love the look of this shawl. I even bought the same yarn in the same color that it was shown on the magazine. But the yarn has been nightmare. It was so tangled that after a month of trying to untangle it I had to enlist the help of one of my friends. It took her two weeks to get that monster into a ball. By that time I just needed to set it aside. Now I am ready to go back to it. I think it will make a great Spring Shawl.

Rose Garden*

May: Pair-a-normal Socks, another pattern that I had 2012 plans for. I wanted to have these done by Halloween but of course that never happened. It is an on going theme with me, is like I have knitting ADD.
Pair-a-normal Socks*

June: Jeweled Cowl, I Love this cowl and cannot wait to make this. I have blogged about this cowl before, the only reason why I have not made it is because I have not decided on what color beads I want to put on it.
Jeweled Cowl*
 This ends part one of my planned 2013 projects. Tomorrow will be part two of my 2013 projects along with a new look to my blog which I am super excited about. Hope you all have a wonderful evening and see you in 2013!

Until next time, Happy Knitting!

~Knitting Chica

*The photos on this post are not mine. They are all the project photos found on Ravelry for each of the patterns.

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