Friday, September 21, 2012

New Yarn: Miss Babs yarn all day every day

Last Saturday I went to the MissBabs trunk show at Fibre Space and after acting like a totally nuts fan girl, I proceeded to add more yarn to my stash. Her yarn is just so beautiful and I had such a hard time picking what I wanted, but I think I came out with some great stuff and I did not make that big of a dent on my wallet.

First up is Miss Babs "Yowza - Whatta a Skein!" in the color "Oyster". It is her Worsted weight, superwash, super yummy yarn. Which I plan to make the short sleeved version of the Space Girl pattern. 


Next up is Miss Babs "Yummy - Monochrome Sock & Baby Yarn" in the color "French Marigold". It is her 2 ply, squishy, superwash, wash yarn. I plan to make the Kiertoradalla sock pattern in this yummy orange color yarn. I have wanted a pair of Orange socks for a year now. When I saw this yarn I snatched it so quickly off the rack. Glad I did as other people were admiring the skein and it was the last one!

And lastly is Miss Babs "Leftie Yarn Set" in colors Peweter, Coos Bay, French Marigold, Frog Belly, Naples and Ruby Spinel. This will make the Leftie Shawlette pattern.

These patterns should keep me pretty busy for the next few months, I am not even counting the others I have planned so there should be no more yarn buying for me for a while.

Until next time, Happy Knitting!

~Knitting Chica

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