Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday: Multnomah Shawl

If you follow me on Google+ you have already seen my Work in Progress or WIP for today but if you do not, it is the Multnomah Pattern by Kate Ray.

I really love this pattern. It is knitting up so pretty, especially now that I am up to the Feather and Fan border. But I have a problem, while it is an easy knit and should not take very long, I am going on week three knitting this up and the reason why is the yarn. It has not been a very pleasant experience knitting with this yarn, it splits and catches on to anything it comes into contact with. It is such a shame because I actually like the color and normally like yarns by Ashton Studio Arts.

I will have a better write up on the yarn when I am done with the pattern. In the meantime here is a progress picture:

Multnomah Shawl
What are you working on?

Until next time, happy knitting!

~Knitting Chica

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