Tuesday, January 15, 2013

For the Love of Shawls

I LOVE making Shawls. They are easy to carry around, you do not have to worry about the fit and they make amazing gifts. I am always on the lookout for the newest design to pop up on Ravelry. I recently showed you some of my favorite from my Malabrigio post last week. So far this month these beauties have popped up on my radar:

I think is the stripes that got me with this one. I gravitate to almost everything with stripes.
Dreambird was found by one of my G+ buddies, what would I do without them?
This designer does some amazing work. I learned about her from one of my G+ buddies.
Are these shawls not to die for? I just love them all and really, really want to make them NOW. If only I could just sit around and knit all day. *sigh*

While looking for these months goods I ran into this pretty little number:
Is that not just the prettiest shawl? The designer made this Shawl in Malabrigo Arroyo.

Do you like making Shawls? What Patterns are you currently coveting? Please post links, I would love to see your Shawl picks.

Until next time, Happy Knitting!
~Knitting Chica

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