Thursday, October 11, 2012

Casting On: Unwrapped

After my failed attempt at crocheting Himbeerwellen I have decided to cast on a new project. Never mind that I have other projects waiting for me to finish. Which they will eventually be done but I wanted something easy and cute to complete and maybe wear to the office.

I have decided on Unwrapped by Jody Pirrello. Here is a photo from the project page:

Not my photo!
Cute, right? I decided to make it in Berroco Vintage DK. The Berroco Vintage is one of my favorite lines. It is so soft, inexpensive and wears very well. Here is a photo of the yarn:

Sorry for the not so great photo.
I love the color red and I think this pattern would work very well  with this pattern. This weekend I will have a lot of uninterrupted knit time so I should have a good progress for WIP Wednesday.

Until next time, Happy Knitting!

~Knitting Chica

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