Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Work in Progress Wednesday: Rainbow Brite Socks and Mist Stole

I am currently working on a few projects but the two that seem to be taking up all my attention is my Rainbow Brite (Remember her?) Socks and my Mist Stole.

I have not made a pair of socks this year and I figured now that the year is starting to wind down I should at least get one pair in. I have had this beautiful Ashton Studios colorful yarn in my stash for a while and decided that I will give their yarns one more try. So far I have not been disappointed. The yarn is not splitting, it is not fuzzing, it is just working up beautifully. I have been working on them a little at a time, whenever I need to take a break from the Mist Stole. I hope to have the socks completed by the beginning of October after I am done with the Stole.

I am working on the foot of the sock.
 I have not created a project page on Ravelry for the socks and I am not following a pattern. I am just making it up as I go.

The next project I am working on is the Mist Stole. This is for the Google+ September Crochet Along (SepCAL). I am really having a lot of fun making this stole. It is very simple and the yarn is a dream to work with. It is taking me a while to completed as this month has been a super busy time at work, but I hope to have it completed by this weekend and blocked during the week.

Almost done with the 2nd ball of yarn.

What projects are you working on?

Until next time, Happy Knitting/Crocheting!!
~Knitting Chica

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  1. I'm trying to reteach myself crochet, slow going though. Totally into your Rainbow Bright!