Friday, March 23, 2012

Spinning Adventure Part 1

I am sorry for the delay but time just flies by when you are having fun. Over the next few days I will catch you guys up with everything that is going on in my Fiber world. I will start you off with my Spinning class that started last Wednesday.

Here are the tools:

If you follow me on Google+, you have already seen this photo

The class was a lot of fun, it was also nerve wrecking, easy, hard and did I say fun? You might be wondering how something can be easy and hard at the same time? Well, let me explain. The whole spinning concept is easy. Your main tools are a Drop Spindle and Fiber. You then take some of your Fiber and with the hook of the Spindle pick up a little piece and start spinning it. There are a couple more steps but for the most part that is it.

Now on to the hard part. While the concept is easy, your fingers are not used to it so you have to get your fingers used to it. From drafting enough Fiber to feed it through to get the right amount of yarn thickness and try to keep some sort of consistency. To getting tired because you are not used to holding your arms up for so long.

The nerve wrecking part. You will drop your spindle A LOT, you will break your yarn, and you will start over a few times. Once you get over those three things, the nerve wrecking part will go away.

As for the fun part? You get to make your own yarn!! The satisfaction of spinning your own yarn is what is so fun and great about this. I cannot wait till I am done with spinning my ball of yarn so that I can dye it!

Now enough chatting, here are some photos:

My first spun yarn.

I am spinning!

The many failed attempts.

Since my second class Wednesday consisted of just more spinning, I will skip that update and just update you guys next week after my final class.

Until next time, Happy Knitting!!
~Knitting Chica

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